Friday, February 4, 2011

The Episcopal Church Plays Hardball and the Media Is Silent

MCJ has an interesting post dealing the with the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh and a breakaway Episcopal Church. See PERENNIALS

Now to say the least that proposed property settlement seems harsh. I also have to think through if parts of that agreement are even legal or against public policy.

Now I understand why the Episcopal Church is playing hardball here. If this was a Catholic situation I would be all behind it!!

I take the current leadership of the Episcopal Church seriously. That is they truly believe that their Church is on a Mission from God and a vehicle of the Holt Spirit to bring the good news or Gospel of women Priests, Gay marriage, and legality of a woman's right to an abortion to the USA and INDEED THE WORLD.

So the Episcopal Church seeing that threatened must stamp out the heretics! Well fine.

However why the double standard in the media.

When the Catholic Church is forced to play hardball (think of the then Archbishop Burke and the Polish Catholic Church in St Louis) it is reported greatly by the media . Not only is it reported the Church is often cast as the villain.

From the NYT to others the fact that Bishops and the Vatican seem to think that Catholic means something is treated with disdain. The fact that a Catholic hospital can't perform abortions and call itself Catholics is looked at as backwards.

How much ink has been spent of the supposed inquisition of American religious by the Vatican? A lot needless to say. Constantly the media is highlighting stories where in their view Catholic dissident groups are the hero and the Church is the heavy. CATHOLIC MEANS SO MUCH MORE THAT WHAT OLD CELIBATE MEN SAY IT IS YADA YADA YADA we are told.

Why the double standard here? One of the most under reported religious stories is how the Episcopal Church is spending vast amounts of limited resources on these lawsuits all over the Country. Now again I GET why they are doing it. What is happening in the above linked article is happening all over the place but yet rarely reported.

If the above story was taking place in Catholic land there would be headlines and cries of injustice. But it is not. The fact is the Episcopal Church is stamping out the heretics that think gay marriage and women priests are wrong. That is the gospel of the New York Times and many others. So it is ignored as a news story.

Again I get why the Episcopal Church is doing this. I am just tired of the double standard.

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