Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In Important Speech Russian Orthodox Delivers Bombshell To Anglican Communion

Needless to say this is huge. Inside the Vatican has the text of the speech at Orthodox-Anglican Dialogue in Trouble?

Tip of the hat to Mary Our Mother.

Update- Some blog reaction

Eirenikon a blog towards Orthodox-Catholic reconciliation picks out a important part of the speech at The real dividing line of Christians?

At Rorate Caeli , a Catholic blog they are discussing it in the comments at The real dividing line of Christians

A Catholic blog St. Joseph’s Vanguard And Our Lady’s Train has some thoughts at The Orthodox Not Mincing Words Toward Anglicans

I will try to find more talk about this.

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SJ Reidhead said...

As you know I have a very real problem with Rowan Williams (incompetent) and the fact that he has allowed the ultra-conservative diocese out of Africa to influence him and basically turn we Episcopalians into the evil ones.

There are some very bad actors out of the African diocese who began making trouble from day one when our dear gay bishop was confirmed. It was as though they had everything ready to go, to start destroying the ECUSA.

We're talking men who refuse to stand up to the rape of little girls in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria to cure AIDS, and will not speak out against the execution of people as witches, and will not speak out against Islam. They will, though speak out all day about the ordination of women (we are evil) and gays.

I've reached the point where I am sick of it. I do not understand how men who refuse to protect the innocent in their own diocese can dictate what a minority of people in the ECUSA do. Frankly, I think these men are evil. I know of no other term for it.

The Pink Flamingo

(Episcopalian, and I'm sticking with it)