Thursday, September 23, 2010

Should USA Catholics Have A Temporary Second Sunday Collection For Anglo Catholics

With the exciting news today see Anglicanorum Wuerlibus it is time for American Catholics to help support this effort with their money. We shall all be enriched by their presence.

If I am asked to support the Catholic University of American in a second collection I see no reason why we can't help these folks out.

These various Anglican and Episcopal priests, parishes, and academics that are about to make the swim over the next years are going out on a limb in many ways. That includes financial. It will be necessary to help the Anglicanorum Coetibus framework for a number of years.

That includes insurance for buildings, houses of formations, Anglo Catholic educational places of learning, salaries and insurance for many married priests with families, and in mission planting efforts.

One rather painless way to this (though not the only needed avenue) is another second Sunday collection that could be put in a place for the next few years.

I think Catholics would rather be excited about this and this would be a way for us to get involved.

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