Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Wisconsin Legislature Might Have A Long Term Protester Problem (Link Corrected)

The fascinating troubles in Wisconsin again!! However this is a tad different and legal. Ann Althouse has being some excellent coverage of saga at her blog.

She had a post on the subject of protests at the State Capital that has got me thinking this week. See
Is it viewpoint discrimination under the First Amendment for Wisconsin to permit the protesters to use the Capitol building as it has over the past 10+ days?
Now I think she is largely right. I also understand for the reasons she talks about why the ruling in power Republicans have allowed this to go on.

But the longer this goes it starts to set a precedent and one the Court might not be able to so ignore. Which is one reason why I think bringing more order to the State Captial building as to protesters is now occuring.

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