Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Man Will Observe Lent By Just Drinking Beer and Water

This is pretty cool. See an overview here at Giving up food to live on beer and water alone! How one man plans to live like a Paulaner monk throughout Lent.

The guy blogs here at this web page ( I am under the impression he might not be Catholic . Will have to read the blog to find out) where we shall be giving us updates.. It is interesting because he is much like me. That is a Catholic that does not find the "fasting" part of Lent difficult because my eating habits are so irregular. See his post Original Gravity where the past few weeks have been a discipline of actually eating three meals a day to get his weight up for the Lenten fast.

It also appears a non Drinking Presbyterian minister is going to be his spiritual adviser for these 40 days. The web page looks interesting and has a lot of cool stuff on it.

I think this is going to be mighty tough. One hears of Monks having to live off "liquid Bread" in the past but it all seems such like quaint history. Actually doing it is going to be tough.

Can one live off 4 glasses of beer a day (excluding Sundays). We shall find out.

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