Thursday, March 3, 2011

Free Speech Texans Versus Anti Speech New Yorkers

In the NYT there was an article that made the argument that the controversy over the this abortion sign was not one of their finest moments.

The comments at the article are instructive including the many that seem to make some leap of logic that this is RACIST.

However this one I took real note of :

racially-charged, inflammatory religious-right infused shock and awe campaigns have no place in NYC. Period. Texan views should stay in Texas. but it seems as if there is a trend lately of all these conservative and other groups that hate everything that NY stands for to penetrate and weaken the best that NY represents. Kudos to New Yorkers for being vigilant and standing up for mainstream progressive values in our city.

A few months ago a Billboard was placed in the conservative socially leaning Dallas Metro Plex. See Church's Billboards Affirm Gay Love .

Also see this interesting news vid via the Dallas gay paper Because gay Pride wouldn’t be gay Pride unless the MCC offended some right-wing motorist In Dallas one sees all sort of billboards. Billboards asking you to come to Jesus stand side by side those that advertise Strip clubs and places to get "massages". The marketplace of ideas on full display and there is no holding back.

Conservative Baptist Minister and Prof Denny Burke , who lived in East Texas, pretty much summed up the local attitude from what I can tell. See Did Jesus Affirm a Gay Couple? Note he did not launch into a tirade of "THIS DOES NOT REPRESENT OUR VALUES REMOVE IT " He did not rally elected political leaders and demand they get involved . No he took note of it and then engaged the argument. On the whole that was what happen from what I can tell.

Maybe New York can learn some things from Texas?

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