Friday, March 4, 2011

American Aid To Egypt Must Be Conditioned On Keeping Israel / Egypt Treaty Intact

I am pretty optimistic about what is happening in Egypt right now.

However as time passes and the people learn that democracy does not fit all problems overnight there will be pressures. To alleviate those pressures and to get Arab bad news off the TV , it is important not to go back to bad habits. That is blame Israel.

Tied to that is the importance of keeping two critical part of the treaty between Egypt and Israel intact. Contentions discusses this at Egypt’s Renegotiation Threat.

There should be common ground in the USA , at least I hope, on both the American right and left. There should be a united front not to have these two critical components entangled with the always controversial Palestinian issue.

These elements of the treaty are critical in keeping the Peace and hopefully sane minded people regardless of political leanings can see that.

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