Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yaw Yaw Yaw Yaw Coach O To be hired at LSU!!! (Update Not So Fast)

Major update see below

Wow how fortunes change. Yes Coach Ed Orgeron is coming to LSU . See LSU set to hire Orgeron

It is a good move also please note in a move that shocked me , besides his potential salary, he will be associate head coach along with recruiting coordinator and defensive line coach.

I think this is a very good hire. Also his talent at recruiting is well pretty awesome. It has become much much more harder for out of State Schools to come in and get blue chip players from Louisiana. THe Fence around the State has just become higher.

Needless to say he can fire up players at time. It will not be BORING!! Good move my my man Les Miles


Looks like he is going to to Tenn!!! Something odd going on. Good luck to Coach O but LSU would have been better fit

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