Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Pretty Cool When Someone From the Vatican Visits Your Blog!!!

I have that nifty little gadget where it tells me where people are visiting from. It is not perfect and sometimes goofs the town's name but it spretty good. I have noticed I have got a few hits over the past few days from the Holy See on my entry A Priest Who Was Present Comments On Cherie Blair's talk at the Angelicum conference . Also when I put stuff on the Kmiec controversy I note at times that gets some hits from the Holy See.

Amazing blogs and all.

For any Vatican folks come back :) I am sure if you just listen to me we can have things going gangbusters!!

3 suggestions Vatian folks
can we make Vatican Radio (which is very good expanded sort of more EWTN like)
Can we get the Pope's Newspaper in a daily English Version (Can't the Knights raise money for this)
Oh and can we make the Vatican Bookstore more expanded

Oh and can do something about Catholic music, education, and Notre Dame Football here in the USA

Plus the next time the Holy Father Comes to the USA can we have Mass at LSU's Tiger Stadium.

THANKS and if it is no trouble please light a Candle at St Peters that Louisiana Tech beats Northern Illinois in the Independence Bowl and that LSU beats the evil Gerogia Tech Folks in the Chick-Fil-A-Bowl .

That is all for now

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