Friday, December 19, 2008

But NPR Told Me Card Check Would Never Pass!!

I don't think one has to be anti Union to be against Card Check I mean for goodness sake George McGovern is against it.

In the weeks before the election I was listening to what had become Obama Public Radio AKA National Public radio. I have the honor in my area of having the most liberal and republican/Bush,/ conservative hating shows that NPR has on my local Public Radio station. That is To the Point with the insufferable Warren Olney.

Well they were informing us nervous folks that there was no way that Obama could get something as big as Card Check through and it listed all the reasons so Don't Worry you nervous conservative listeners and others.

Now I am seeing that Labor thinks they are very close to getting the 60 votes to stop a GOP Filibuster and people like Arkansas Democrat Senator Lincoln are even undecided. I sort of had her in the no column.

From the Weekly Standard

Card Check Loses a Critical Vote
Marc Ambinder reports that Arkansas's Blanche Lincoln -- who faces re-election in 2010 -- has declared her opposition to Card Check:
That's.... 57 votes in favor of cloture now. In-cycle Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas formally opposes the Employee Free Choice Act. She says it's "not necessary" right now. BTW: Lincoln's potential GOP opponent? Tim Griffin, the former White House political aide / Eastern District of Arkansas prosecutor / Karl Rove protege / native Arkansas / Iraq war veteran. Griffin says he'll make up his mind early next year. Democrats need 60 votes, or they might not even bring EFCA to the floor for a vote. It's a shrewd move by Lincoln to announce her opposition early. Unions are sure to apply increasing pressure to undecided Senators as the session gets under way and a vote draws nearer. Her early declaration of opposition is sure to anger the unions, but they'll also recognize that it is nearly impossible for her to change her vote. They now must turn their attentions to other possible defectors.

As far as the vote count goes, the loss of Lincoln's vote is a major blow to hopes of enacting card check -- even if Arlen Specter continues to vote with Democrats on the issue. Besides the loss of Lincoln and the possibility of more defections, both Ted Kennedy and Bob Byrd face health issues that could prevent them from voting. And there will be three new Senators to account for -- with the possibility that the Illinois seat may not be filled for months.
The unions face a real challenge.
Posted by Brian Faughnan on December 17, 2008 10:29 AM

First as Kaus points out umm Lincoln is undecided not in opposition.

I was not aware that the vote was so close (NPR DID NOT ALLUDE TO THIS) that health issues of two Senators were a factor. What about the Monkeyshines in the Minnesota Senate Race.

I think the former comic from Saturday Night Live is pretty Pro-Card Check. If we are calculating Senator Bryd's health in the equation I think we have to think of that.

Well at least AL Sharpton is on my side

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