Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why Can't Obama Be President Now- Stamps Foot!!

If we could just some how get around the law and get Bushie out and Obama in things would be perfect. LSU would sure beat Georgia Tech tonight, the Saints would have won on Sunday ,the Saints QB would have beat Marino's record, Israel and Hamas would be at peace, and no doubt cold fusion would have been discovered in his first few days.

I still don't realize why my Priest did not make the object and fouus of the Advent Season on the one that is too come to the big White House in D.C.

Neo Neocon highlights just one writer that has been a tad impatient at Anticipation: waiting for Obama

She says in part :

It’s probably not necessary to point out that this sort of thinking—the idea that Obama will magically soothe us, heal us, kiss our foreheads and make it all better—is part of a dangerous trend originally noted when Obama first became a candidate. I wrote “thinking” in the previous sentence, but it’s really more of a feeling that Obama will fix it. Or, if he can’t fix it, at least he’ll talk about it in a way that doesn’t involve abominations such as “nucular. And even if he doesn’t talk about it right, we’ll all experience such a sense of relief about his mere presence that maybe that will be enough. Because feeling good is a major part of what this is all about.

The idea of a magical transformation to be wrought by Obama as President is not just a strange characteristic invested in him by his followers and supporters. It is an idea he consciously and systematically fostered during his campaign—in fact, you might say it pretty much was the core of his campaign. So it’s not surprising that the raised expectations of supporters such as Smith have now reached a fever pitch after all the interminable waiting. And delayed gratification doesn’t appear to be the strong suit of Obamaphiles.

There are two possibilities for their reaction when Obama actually takes office and harsh, fickle, complex reality intrudes on the dream. Either he will disappoint his followers when they understand that he cannot work the unrealistic transformations they expect and yearn for, or they are so in thrall that they will forgive him everything and just be happy this cool, liberal, smooth dude is in there at last. That just might be enough

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