Monday, December 22, 2008

Cute Picture of Catholic Minor Seminarians

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Ahh get them young!!! Precious !!!! Minor Seminaries are quite rare at least here in the United States. I guess it is a matter of debate if the absence now on the scene is a good or bad thing. I think the good has been a tad overlooked in the modern age.

However in the not far too distant past there were many I think. For Louisiana readers I think the Maryhill Retreat Center in Alexandria (really Pineville) was one and in fact the famous Bishop Greco went there.

I suspect this picture is from Europe. A question for older readers was this the type of dress for minor seminarians here in the USA?

Tip of the hat to a very good blog Dymphna's Road ( I am adding to the links) and her entry The seminarians for the pic

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