Monday, December 29, 2008

What Napoleon Thought About Christ

A little Louisiana History here.
The above picture is the famed Napoleon House in the French Quarter In New Orleans. You might have seen it in that horrible of an abortion of a film JFK. The scene in JFK where they sit in Napoleon House in the rain and watch TV, that IS Napoleon House. It is named that because the Mayor of New Orelans offered it to Napoleon at the time of his exile. I guess as most people know he did not make it. Who knows what would have happened if he did. We might have been the captial of the USA after it was all over :). Anyway they are known for their Muffulettas and I suggest visiting there if you are in NOLA. Cool place.

Anyway Napoleon was also one of those contenders for the anti Christ back then. It appears that he had some views on Christ I was not aware of. American Catholic has a very interesting post on this at Napoleon on Christ?

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