Friday, December 19, 2008

Catacombs He We Come

I am not generally a doom and gloom kind of guy but I really do think in my lifetime we can see Christians have to do a sort of Catacomb life. I was struck today at mainstream liberal sites ( I am not talking the radical places . I am seeing this at places like Slate) that people were in a uproar over Rick Warren saying a prayer at Obama's big day. I mean the issue is his opposition against Gay Marriage.

What is not being said and I think on purpose is what is the difference between lets say Rick Warren and Cardinal Dinardo of Houston. Right now the forces protesting Warren don't have the guts and know politics wise it would be counterproductive to oppose a Catholic Cardinal in that position. But it is only a matter of time. That is the danger.

Add to that this depressing news from the Mother Country courtesy of Acts of the Apostasy at Is England Lost?

Following the controversial screening of an assisted suicide on a television program last week, a new poll finds Britons favoring euthanasia. The YouGov poll also shows a majority of English residents had no problem with televising the disabled man's death.The poll, conducted for the London Times, surveyed more than 2,000 people and found that half (61 percent) would consider an assisted suicide for themselves while 15 percent would not and the rest were undecided.The survey also showed 61 percent believed there was no problem with Sky TV showing the death of Craig Ewert, who killed himself in an assisted suicide in Switzerland. Just 27 percent were opposed to the screening.Another 85 percent of Britons agreed with the decision of prosecutors to not charge relatives in the recent case of Daniel James, who also killed himself at a foreign "euthanasia clinic."Another 69 percent believe the nation's law should be changed to make it legal to help a relative go to another country to get an assisted suicide with facing charges upon their return.

The UK as often say is the canary in the coalmine for what is coming here. We are entering a time where because of rampant birth control and abortion the choices of the last generations is about to bite them in the butt. That is a lot of old people having to be supported by too few young people. It is a perfect storm for Euthanasia to develop.

The Catholic Church and the Catholic community have got to start planning now for a Catacomb existence where there are options for people that do not wish to partake of this culture of death. In fact it has got to be alot more than Catholics. This is the time where we must work with Christians outside the Church that have a similar outlook, That means the Church(that means us in the pews too) needs to start thinking about old age homes that are not just for the well off that wants daily mass in their golden years and adapting our hospitals to meet this challenge.

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