Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Happens When You Discover Your True Racial Background

The Mommy Memoir has a book she is posting about that has got my interest. See What I'm Reading . I can't wait for her review.

My Biology Teacher in Hight school recounted an experience she had at an almost totally white Christian school. This teenage boyfriend and girlfriend found out that they were expecting. They were white looking as anything. The baby comes and it is black as coal. Needless to say that was a tad of a shock. Turns out way back that there had been a black great great grandmother no one knew about. That gene I guess was just waiting to turn on.

I am curious if this happens much more in Louisiana than people think since there was a much more relaxed attitude toward sexual relations between races way back and often off springs of such Unions could and did pass themselves off as "white".

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Dymphna said...

The odd thing is that he got away with it. When I look at his photo I clearly see a black man. He must've had to avoid standing near any other black person or he would've been busted.