Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Apostle Paul was a Roman Empire James Bond

I know it is the Pauline Year and all but I don't think this is what Pope Benedict was thinking

The head of the history department at Virginia Military Institute suggests that the Apostle Paul may have been spying for the Romans.
Rose Mary Sheldon, the co-author of “Operation Messiah: St. Paul, Roman Intelligence and the Birth of Christianity,” presented her thesis last week at the International Spy Museum in Washington.
She suggests that Paul may have faked his conversion on the road to Damascus so he could infiltrate Christian congregations and report to Rome on suspicious elements in synagogues across the empire.
Sheldon says Paul’s interaction with Roman officials seems to have been remarkably friendly, and she notes that in his letter to the Romans, he urges Christians to obey them

MCJ has more at DUMB OPS

It appears that VMI is really going down hill.

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