Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rick Warren invocation at Obama's inauguration -Explosion of Controversy

Well it appears some liberals are not too happy that Rick Warren has been chosen by Obama to give the invocation at Obama's inauguration. Southern Appeal has the link and some reaction at Gay Rights Groups to go after Rick Warren?. It is more than gay groups of course on the left.

Inaugurations are several things. It is of course a very public victory celebration for the party in power. But the United States Government is not spending millions to give the democrats a grand party. It is a celebration of America and grand display of the peaceful handing over of power.

When President Obama escorts the Bush family to the Helicopter to leave D.C ( a scene we have now seen played out numerous times) I have no doubt like in the past it will give me chills and make proud where we are blessed to live.

Further this is a big moment in American History. That point as to Obama has been pointed out many times and the Obama team recognizes this is more than a Democrat moment. That means putting up people that disagree with you as a part of the backdrop. It might at some point occur to people that many Obama voters loved and find great inspiration in his book The Purpose Driven Life.

Anyway I never understand why Rick Warren gets it from all sides. He gets fired upon from the left and right both religious and political. I never understood it.

Let's face it if this was a Catholic Cardinal that holds the same positions as Mr Warren then these groups would not be getting the same mileage or attention.

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