Monday, December 29, 2008

All Hail Benedict XIII - The Pope That Smoked!!

Why isnt there a line of cigarettes of Cigars named after this Pope!! The above picture has been a tad photshopped (though it would have been cool of it was real).

Canterbury Tales has a interesting post on the smoking Pope, HIS CIGAR FACTORY, and the up and down saga of the Papal views on smoking at The Pope who smoked - Benedict XIII.

Sadly it appears that smoking took a downturn at the Vatican when the Health Nut John Paul the II took office and it was banned on Vatican property. Though I do recall when the Cardinal went to Rome to elect a new Pope there were pictures of Cardinal's lighting up and taking some seep drags!! Well I guess certain rules goes away when a Holy Father dies even in just days :)

I did laugh when I saw that because as Canterbury tales states like the above Pope and the Cardinals smoking I too had his thought:

smoking pope Benedict XIII of blessed memory. Reminds me of the fidgety cardinal in Godfather III, the one always trying to make bank deals regarding "Immobilare".

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