Thursday, December 18, 2008

Governor Bobby Jindal Explains Why He is Not An Episcopalian

Ouch. I really should not post this because Lord those Bobby will get all sort of static if he runs for Prez (Like for actually believing all that Catholic mumbo jumb and not thinking Evangelicals are Horrible people and stuff). Still I can't resist. It seems a 1998 quote form the Governor younger days has been found

Red Stick Rant has Bobby Jindal On Why He Is Not An Episcopalian.

I am pretty sure that many Louisiana Espicoplians will not jump on Bobby and partly going AMEN brother after observing what has happened the last 20 years. As the comment at Red Stick Rant s says "When they replaced "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You" signs with ones reading "We Are Here For You" there were lots of humorous suggestions for what we should replace that with. One of my favorites was "Catholic, but without all those rules." Jindal's comment is a classic example of humor capturing a more serious reality."

The fact is "Catholic" with the rules is believe a not a selling point that many of the lay people in that community promote!! I hear that all the time. Especially from Former Catholics now in that community.

Update I note this has been notice elsewhere


Piyush “Bobby” Jindal: Newly Minted Governor of Louisiana Talks Conversion and…Episcopalians

STILL ON PATROL: "Aesthetics Without the Inconvenient Morality"

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