Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is it the Catholic Church that is Obsessed About Sex or Is it the Media

Now sex is very very important and the Church talks about it a good bit. However when the Church talks abouts it even briefly it is viewed as unhealthy for some reason.

Get Religion has a excellent post on how the media reacted to the Pope's recent State of the Church Address. See GetReligion gets a pope gift. I love this part from some they quoted:

The Pope’s speech that ran for several pages, and the reference to sexuality occupied a couple of sentences. That didn’t matter. It is axiomatic, among critics of Catholicism, that the Church is obsessed with sex. So when a Catholic leader says something about sexuality, the media fixate on it. Never mind the other 3,500 words of the papal address; these 50 words are the important ones — the only important ones — because they’re about sex.
The Pope spoke to the Curia about the Synod of Bishops and the preaching of the Word of God.
Oh, yeah, sure. I know. But what did he say about sex?

The Pope spoke about World Youth Day and the missionary impulse of the Pauline year.
Sure, sure. All that stuff. What’d he say about sex?

The Pope spoke about protecting the environment, and saving humans from inhuman ideologies.
See? See?! He’s obsessed! He can’t let it go!

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