Wednesday, December 17, 2008

GOP Must Reach Out to Immigrants

Big Lizards tells the whole truth and I know many do not want to hear it. It is all wrapped up in the immigration bill mess which I often poeple of good will talking past each other.

GO see The Party of Pre-Americans

Let me share the GOP's new Congressman from Louisiana thoughts. That is Congressman Elect Cao.

Cao also described himself as “strongly pro-life” and volunteered that “I don’t agree with any exceptions [to the right to life].” Any conversation with the Vietnamese immigrant who is headed for Congress inevitably turns to the issue of immigration. Cao believes that “the Republican Party hurt itself with so much of the rhetoric about illegal immigrants.” But he also believes this will change, “with our Indian-American governor here [Republican Bobby Jindal], with a Vietnamese-American in Congress, and then the Republican Party will eventually expand into electing others from different ethnic groups.”

As Lizards points out so well:

Reform is a good first step, but it's not sufficient to woo back Hispanic Americans who feel betrayed by the GOP. In politics, it's not just what you say but how you say it. Too many Republicans picked an incredibly toxic way to argue against a plan they thought too generous towards illegal aliens... and the words they used convinced tens of millions of immigrants and children of immigrants that they were unwanted nuisances polluting the precious bodily fluids of the United States.

I think this is so so true. As I said back then we did a horrible job of policing our own. Plus the fact that we aligned with people that have a much far more reaching agenda than just illegal immigration is still unknown to many Conservatives and Republcians

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