Monday, December 22, 2008

A Wonderful Catholic Presentation on the Book of Revelation (And More)

I got a new Ipod like thing for Christmas. It is actually a Sansa Fuse which I am loving. I have "opened" it a tad early so I could download stuff for the holidays when I am seeking escape from the fam.

Anyway I discovered via Divine Lamp (that has a ton of stuff) (check his blog out too ) a great presentation in audio of a Catholic view of the Book of Revelations. Also they have great handouts and stuff in powerpoint. It is via a the St Martha Catholic Church in Kingwood Texas. GO here for that .

Now if you are an interest Catholic , or teach CCD, or RCIA there are a ton of other resources here. What a jewel. See St Martha's main podcast lecture page here and look at the sidebar for more.


Anonymous said...


Ha, ha! Me, too!

Actually, I got my Fuze the day after Thanksgiving. (BIG SALE at Radio Shack - the 8 GB for $69.99.)

I love it.

One little problem - the darned thing went dead today. Just like that: dead. No particular reason why.

I called Sansa Technical Help, and I talked to a live person within 5 minutes. They couldn't help on their end.

So, I went back to Radio Shack. They replaced it, no questions asked.

Unfortunately, now I've got to re-synch all the music.

But, thanks to your post, I also get to download the audio Bible Study.

And, as only God can do, it comes just in time. Next month, our VPCYG Bible Study will take a look at Revelation and End Times.

Have a Merry Christmas; and may God bless you and your family.

James H said...

UGGHH I missed that sale LOL

I hope mine does not go dead . I am thinking I need to get that special warrenty

I think the Revelations stuff looks good