Monday, December 22, 2008

Watch a American Civil War Zombie Flick Over The Holidays

How this miss this movie about the Civil War and ZOMBIES!! Our Priest Friend , Orthometer , from Utah gives it a thumbs up at It's A Civil War/Zombie Movie For Pete's Sake!
This osunds great I have got to get a copy. It even has Martin Sheen in for goodness sake.
This is a rare gem, probably covered by dust on many video retailers shelves. It is a civil war tale mixed by supernatural tones (with a sort of demonic unit, made up by deceased Union and confederate soldiers possessed by a demonic entity that had reached America a couple of century before on a slaver ship), with a very good cast (Adrian Pasdar, Corbin Bernsen and even a cameo by Martin Sheen - that in the same year was General Lee in Turner Television masterpiece Gettysburg) and a script that is better than you may think for such a low budget production. Director Hickenlooper was able to get all the horrors of the real war (in particular during the first minutes of the movie, when you see the atrocity of the Union field hospital) and mix them with the demonic ones. All in all, a very good movie that is, as usual, mostly unknown to the masses of horror fans out there. search it and enjoy.
I have got to get a copy of this!!!
BE WARNED! The perfect soldiers are the ones who can not be killed! .

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