Saturday, July 19, 2014

Canary in the Coal Mine- Religious Liberty Attack On Vancouver Catholic Schools

Well what can you say to this except as Rod Dreher says thank goodness for the First amendment that FOR NOW offers Americans religious some protection . See Bullying Canada’s Catholic Schools .


Unknown said...

Are you *currently* being sent into Hell forever ... automatically excommunicated (outside) of God’s Catholic Church ?

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Anonymous said...

What happened to James H? No posts from July to October, and so much happening! SCOTUS legalizing same sex marriage so fast that it makes the head spin, Exodus going out of business and apologizing for their "ministry", and even the Catholic Bishops calling for acceptance of Gay couples.

Catholic Mission said...

Dominus Iesus, Redemptoris Missio carry the Cardinal Francesco Marchetti Selvaggiani mistake

Catholic Mission said...

Why does the SSPX have to interpret Vatican Council II with an irrational premise to be granted canonical status?
They should have the liberty, religious,liberty to choose a rational interpretation of magisterial documents.

SSPX show the Vatican the Marchetti error carried over into Redemptoris Missio, Dominus Iesus and other magisterial documents

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FEBRUARY 11, 2021
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FEBRUARY 11, 2021
The Benedictines at St. Anselm College and Abbey in the Diocese of Manchester,USA hold the same interpretation of extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) as the St. Benedict Center, New Hampshire. They have no objections or criticism of the Seven Points

The Benedictines at St. Anselm College and Abbey in the Diocese of Manchester,USA hold the same interpretation of extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) as the St. Benedict Center, New Hampshire. They have no objections or criticism of the Seven Points.

In Rome, Fr. Stefano Visintin osb, the former Rector and Dean of Theology of the Benedictine Pontifical University of St. Anselm, has said that there are no objective exceptions to extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS). The baptism of desire, baptism of blood and invincible ignorance are not exceptions.

None of the Benedictines at St. Anselms Abbey in the Diocese of Bishop Peter Libasci contradict Fr. Stefano Visintin, a scientist and theologian.

Among the Benedictine monks in New Hampshire there is no more a rupture with St. Benedict and St. Anselm understanding of outside the Church there is no salvation. Vatican Council II does not contradict it, any more. -Lionel Andrades

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FEBRUARY 11, 2021
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The Order of Friars Minor (OFM) in the Diocese of Manchester, USA now affirm the strict interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS), like St. Francis of Assisi and St. Bonaventure. They have no objections to the Seven Points. So they are open to interpreting Vatican Council II without the false premise.

They do not reject Vatican Council II but simply interpret hypothetical cases as being only hypothetical. So hypothetical cases of LG 8, LG 14, LG 16, UR 3, NA 2, GS 22 etc in Vatican Council II do not contradict the strict interpretation of EENS according to the Franciscans before the 1930s.- Lionel Andrades

FEBRUARY 11, 2021
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