Saturday, April 19, 2014

Welcome 2014 Holy Saturday Catholic Converts - Some Of Their Stories

There is some evidence of a Pope Francis effect on converts in Arkansas.  This is seen among folks from " bible churches " and the lapsed.

In San Francisco Vietnamese immigrant, tech entrepreneur finds Catholic faith .

Interesting fact.It was the Africans who pushed for the re-establishment of the catechumenate which every Catholic now knows as “the RCIA” .

This is a interesting convert story from the Diocese of Fort Wayne - South Bend of a person's dad that became Catholic. It turns out his doubts over the doctrine of the Eucharist he had during the RCIA process came to a end in an unexpected way.

In the Diocese of Phoenix the resolve by couple to give their  marriage a second chance leads his wife to the Catholic Church and receiving the Sacraments tonight.

This is such an interesting story about Catholic converts that makes me pause how my Parish is approaching thing. In the Diocese of Nashville many prisoners including those on Death Row have become Catholic and are MEMBERS of the local parish.

Four different paths and 4 different Converts from the Archdiocese of Toronto who will be received into the Church tonight.

This is pretty neat. From the Diocese of Baton Rouge a family of nine from ages 10 months to age 40 are entering the Catholic Church tonight

A small largely Protestant Missouri town has got 24 Catholic converts this year. Including a 78 year old woman


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