Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Social Media Age Woes - Jesuit Thomas Worcester Goes Off Message in Gun Control Debate

I have taken an interest in the past few years on how hard it is  for advocacy groups for issues from a to z to stay on message in the age of social media.

The result is your "friends" on  cause x  often say things that just are not helpful to the cause. I know I have been there.

Lets look at the issue of gun control and gun rights.

In the old days ( the 1990 early 2000 ) the NRA would go behind close doors with gun manufacturers, hunting groups, sports groups , certain politicos and hash out the talking points and  the SCRIPT.

Likewise the gun control groups would go behind close doors with their hombres and hash out the SCRIPT.

Its very important for success to each group as a general matter to be very disciplined and not go off the script/talking points as they engage the American public.

Social media has pretty much blown this up. You now spend a good bit of time it seems putting out fires of your friends that have gone off the script in a big way.

Which bring us to Father Thomas Worcester article  Gun Culture Versus Human Life and Dignity

In this we learn he wants to tax guns and ammo like tobacco . He thinks "twelve step" programs are needed for these alleged pagan gun collectors. He thinks a program of basically shaming gun owners is a good thing. He also has to say the least an interesting legal interpretation of governing document.

Now the SCRIPT for gun control folks is WHY IS THE NRA SO UNREASONABLE. What is wrong with these "reasonable" limited restrictions on guns. I mean we are just talking about assault weapons, some background checks,  some registration , and limits on mags. No one wants to take your guns away.That is all scare tactics !!

The problem is Father is justifying all the fears the supposed crazy NRA President is saying. The only reason for gun registration is to take them them or tax them NRA man says. Well lo and behold look at this article.

Now to be fair Father Thomas Worcester may think the current gun control script is phony and thinks we all need to be honest what some really want.

That being said this is an interesting example of how nowadays its hard for an advocacy group to control their message . Because there are a lot  of people like the good Father on the social media saying the same thing. And that is competing with the SCRIPT.


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