Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Louisiana LT Governor GOP Hopefuls - We Love Democrats

In John Maginnis: Republicans have only themselves to oppose there is a good point made:

...For an actual contest, one has to move down to the lieutenant governor race, which, in tone, already is headed in that direction. Ignoring Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne and Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser, both Republicans, already have made unkind remarks about the other, and they have barely dug into their opposition research.
Both candidates got discouraging news when the governor took the air out of their election with one word, "Yes," when asked at qualifying if he would complete his second term. Thus, the next lieutenant governor must do the same, with remote prospects of succession.

This election cycle will prove that Louisiana is still a two-party state. There's the Republican Party and the Tea Party, which includes many of the more conservative Republicans who have been trying to get rid of Dardenne, without success, through two previous statewide elections. Adding muscle to the cause this time is U.S. Sen. David Vitter, pre-cursor of the Tea Party, who is backing Nungesser

There is, of course, another party. And Democrats, without a candidate, are going to decide the lieutenant governor election by choosing the least objectionable Republican to them.

I think that is a pretty good point and what will make this race interesting. I know little of Nungesser political dynamics. But Jay Dardenne has shown some strength in the past as to black boxes in Baton Rouge ( His home turf) and in some races if I recall correctly in black boxes of New Orleans. If he can translate this into bigger black democrat support statewide I don't know. One would think that Jay is more connected with important black political figures because of resume than lets say Nungesser.

I am unfamiliar enough with Nungesser to know how lets say the more liberal Uptown like white democrat voter would react to Nungesser versus Jay. The experienced , urbane , Jewish, experienced, viewed as more "moderate" sort of appeal I think gives it to Dardenne. Though In New Orleans Metro I can see Billy Nungesser playing well. Nungesser's outspoken rural "cajun" Bayou Parish style would appeal to Acadiana and I highly suspect the importnat redneck North Louisiana democrat vote.

At this point I am saying advantage Dardenne because I have a feeling he might have the ability to get better black support statewide. But anything could happen in going after this vote.

We should have a clearer picture in a few weeks of how some of this is lining up.

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