Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Gets Rid Of Mansion Painting and Insanity Occurs

From the Milwaukee paper's piece Artwork shuffle at governor's mansion raises eyebrows:

"Once the governor decided he didn't want it, he did everything right," Kovac said of the loan to the Milwaukee library. "But the fact that he didn't want it says a lot."


Law Prof Ann Althouse looks at this at Scott Walker replaces artwork in the Governor's mansion — a painting of 3 children of different races, blowing soap bubbles and says:

See, I think we could all agree that Lenz's painting is atrocious and that this seems symbolic of nothing more nefarious than good taste. But the linked article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is insinuating that Walker is a racist and doesn't care about children. Can you imagine having that maudlin nonsense hanging over your mantle and feeling like you can't get rid of it without people thinking you're a terrible person?

Here's another Lenz work, the portrait of Eunice Shriver referred to in the article.

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