Saturday, June 18, 2011

Former Ambassador to the Vatican Backs Romney On Not Signing SBA Pro-life Pledge

The big GOP news yesterday was the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans where many 2012 hopeful made an appearance.

However a significant story was also in play that raised that some eyebrows. That is both Mitt Romney and Herman Cain decided to not to sign the Susan B Anthony pro life pledge.

The attention mainly focused on Mitt but I am sure the Cain forces will get much more aggressive today in responding to the concern over this.

Lopez , who is very pro-life, over at the National Review came to Mitt's defense yesterday in a post The Susan B. Anthony List.

I actually have one slight problem with the pledge that Lopez does not mention that Lopez does not mention that I will not get into. However Lopez offers a good piece on this on the main problem.

There is a in interesting nugget of info Lopez writes about. In that piece is this:

Harvard Law professor and former ambassador to the Vatican, Mary Ann Glendon — who was in the 2008 campaign (until she resigned to become ambassador) and will again be co-chairing Lawyers for Romney in this election cycle — tells me that she believes it would have been “irresponsible” for the governor to have signed the “far too broad” pledge.

Echoing the former Justice Department official’s concern, Glendon says: “You can’t defund all the hospitals in the country.” She adds: “I have no doubt about Mitt’s genuine commitment to life.”

“It does not trouble me at all that he has not signed this pledge. The pledge is asking him to do things he can’t responsibly do,” Glendon tells me.

(SIDE NOTE- Everyone does this but she was actually the Ambassador to the Holy See but everyone just says Vatican)

Now that is significant. Mary Ann Glendon is not some political hack. She has served in some of the most important areas in the Vatican. In fact she might have been the most important American Lay person ever to serve at those high levels. She talks the pro-life walk. She fights the pro life legal fight.

Also this is the woman that declined United States Catholics most important award , the Laetare Medal, because of Notre Dame decision to allow President Obama to speak and give the graduation address.

Needless to if people say that Mitt is not being truly pro-life here , or the people that support what Mitt is doing here, they are going to have to question the pro life creed of Mary Ann Glendon too.

Now we don't know exactly the reason why the very pro-life Cain has not signed this pledge. However if they are similar to Romney's he can pull her name out too


SJ Reidhead said...

My problem is this whole "pledge" thing is getting out of control. It has reached the point where it is more about the people who control the pledge, and want to control a candidate, than the issues.

I would not sign this one, and I am so pro-life I don't believe in the death penalty. It blackmails a candidate. It is so extreme, if Romney were elected and appointed Rudy as AG (I could live with that) he would be shredded because Giuliani is not "pure" when it comes to pro-life.

I am sick of all of this.

Then there is Jim DeMint's little blackmail attempt....!

The Pink Flamingo

Ohio JOE said...

The Pink Flamingo:

The majority of the party is sick and tired of your liberal non-sense. This carry on just brings disgrace upon the party.

James H said...

I don't have a problem with Pledges but this is the thing. This Pledge I think is something in reality that hardly no one can abide by if they get in. As Glendon points out.

I think everyone know that so I a not sure why we are playing this game

As to Cabinet position Bush too was pro-life and I think on the whole the pro-life movement was pleased with him. He appointed some pro choice people to "relevant" cabinet positions however they knew Bush was in charge and they followed him on pro-life directions. If that direction is there what is the big deal