Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maureen Dowd Uses Sexually Abused Victims As A Punchline

I think as to Maureen Dowd and her rants against the Catholic Church it has reached a tipping point. That is her latest screed against the Catholic Church has got people thinking why the NYT is giving a forum for Dowd with her personal issues as to the Church.

A good many people have taken her to task.

See Louisiana Catholic blogger Alive and Young post Know Nothinger Dowd takes aim at Archbishop Dolan's stance on Gay Mariage. See American Papist and his post Archbishop Dolan & My Dad: “Vintage Deja Vu Dowd” . Weigel hits its out of the ball park with
Maureen Dowd’s Catholic Problem

However In Light of the Law, that got dragged into this, in his post Oh no! Maureen Dowd doesn’t seem to like me! hit it best in his post when he said

"Dowd does not blush from piggy-backing her "gay marriage" agenda onto the suffering of clergy abuse victims, like some politico attaching a dubious rider to a sure-to-pass bill in Congress, hoping to short-circuit a debate on the merits of the matter."

The tragedy of Clerical abuse of children has litte to do with the Catholic position on abortion, divorce, gay priests, bisexual Catholics, transgendered nuns, out of wedlock sex, female priests, birth control , stem cell research, or a variety of other matters that people like Dowd includes them in.

Dowd rarely writes on clerical sexual abuse in Protestant Communites, in Jewish communities, in Islam communites ,in Hindu communties, or in govermental agencices that have charge of our children. She does not write about it because she frankly is not worried about the problem

Sexually abused childen are nothing more than a punchline in her latest rants. It really is a shame that the group that is put forth as THE ADVOCATE for people that were sexually abused by Catholic authority figures, SNAP, does not call her and others on it.

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