Sunday, June 5, 2011

Embarrassing : U.S. Government Finding That Catholic University Is Not Catholic

A lot of Catholics that have concerns about the state of Catholic Universities are usually portrayed as ignorant folks by the American Catholic elite. Well it appears they have a much bigger concern now. That is the United States Government.

Mirror of Justice has
Catholic Identity and the NLRB which involves the National Labor Relations Board and Saint Xavier University of Chicago.

Now let me say this from the start. I actually have problems with some parts of the NLRB opinion. I actually think all religious Colleges need to watch this case with a wary eye. But I hope people don't lose the Forest for the trees here.

One wonders what would happen if the college examined here was the Vatican on the Brazos that is the Baptist Baylor University. They have non Baptist folks on staff. Further there is no requirement that students or staff attend Baptist worship services. However there is a BAPTIST ethos on campus one can feel. I think that if this had been Baylor the result would had been different.

This story I expect will be ignored by most secular and indeed religious media. However no doubt this has caught the attention of a lot of Catholic Universities. It will be interesting to see how they react. The irony here is it might take the secular ( The U.S. Government) to make Catholic Colleges actually be Catholic. The link to the full opinion is at the link and I encourage all to read it.

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