Friday, June 24, 2011

Catholic Paper Cleared By Vatican Secretary of State Absolves Obama and USA As to Bin Laden's Death

It would be wrong to say this is an official Vatican statement.

It would wrong to say that the Vatican itself is saying GEAUX USA WAY TO KILL BIN LADEN.

It would be wrong to say that the Vatican officially is going Thank God Your Special Forces killed him and spared us all a trial that could have brought more death.

It would be wrong to say everyone in the Vatican agrees with all this.

It might be wrong to assume that Pope Benedict agrees with every dotted i and crossed t here. (but maybe he does)

But for a paper whose Op eds are cleared by the Vatican Secretary of State and reading the tone it seems a significant article to be noticed on the "mind" of the Holy See.

At the very least as it is mentioned mentioned the USA and Obama are "absolved" from any Nation sins , if any occurred , as to this affair it appears. It does carry some weight to say the least.

An interesting piece via Vatican Insider Jesuite magazine says Bin Laden was a menace to mankind and had to be stopped

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