Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun Item!! Because Monroe Kept Its Congressional District Louisiana Has 800 New Jobs!!

From a couple of months back From a Denver paper:

....True, CenturyLink's hometown paper in Monroe did report April 6 that the company -- Louisiana's largest -- was unhappy about a plan in the state legislature to end Monroe's status as the center of a congressional district.

"That would never happen in Denver," CenturyLink EVP Stacey Goff told lawmakers, a not-so-subtle hint if you ask me.

In any case, says the Monroe News Star, the offending part of the redistricting plan was dropped after Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal threatened a veto.

CenturyLink remains in Monroe, and it doesn't sound like Post will be ordering Rocky Mountain oysters instead of the kind that come out of the water anytime soon.

Today we see CenturyLink announces expansion, creation of 800 new jobs which creates 1,250 indirect jobs in the market, which would be a 3 percent increase in total employment in Ouachita


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