Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Head of Episcopal Church Embroiled In Resume Scandal

I am going to be curious when the National Media starts to report on this. See via MCJ BIG MIKE’S SPORTS BAR, GRILL AND THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY.

The Anglican Curmudgeon looks at this in a huge post at What Kind of "Icon" Heads the Episcopal Church (USA)?

He also touches on what interests me a great deal about this which is the timing. That is the attempt to make stuff go down the rabbit hole happened just after she was appointed to an important White House Council.

Regardless of what you think of the current Primate she will for good or for bad , depending on your viewpoint, go down as one of the most important heads of the Episcopal Church ever. During her tenure the Episcopal Church USA and in fact her position itself has gained unprecedented authority. That has or at least should have if we are talking Bishops and such a theological implication. Anglican Curmudgeon points out that is just the start and that list is not exhaustive either.

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