Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bombshell - Vatican To Release Document On Reorganizing American Diocese in the USA

Well this was a shock via the Vatican Insider site from Italy. See Vatican document on the reorganisation of U.S. dioceses.

By the way Non Catholics interested in the history of the grand ole USA should be cheering this too. Places like the historic Archdiocese of Baltimore are selling Catholic and indeed American patrimony at an alarming place. Those buildings can't be replaced. One architect in that area wrote me recently about this with huge concerns.

I like this part:
It will provide guidelines on how the U.S. Bishops' Conference, and each individual diocese must act to rebuild its presence in their area.

YES REBUILD!! Which means going out and making NEW CATHOLICS!! These places have not become depopulated wastelands in most cases. It is very true that population movement have caused many of these problems. That is Catholics moving elsewhere. Well so what!! We have been living off past efforts of nearly a Century ago and before too long. REBUILD- FOLLOW THE GREAT COMMISSION!! GO FORTH AND BAPTIZED IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER SON AND HOLY SPIRIT.

Another interesting part of this

....a diocese in difficulty does well to reduce the number of parishes, but must maintain churches and chapels where they exist, perhaps entrusting the care to families of the faithful who are willing to look after them and keep them open. Then on Sundays it is easy to send a priest to celebrate Mass. This solution would take into account various factors, the first being the singular issue of distances, which in the United States are so large. Outright closure of places of worship often oblige the private faithful of the parish to take long journeys to participate in the holy Sunday service.


There is also a section on the issue of Catholic hospitals.

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