Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Episcopal Church Bishop Says Cover Up of Clergy Sexual Abuse Wide Spread

The Fr. Parry incident seems to be getting bigger. Virtueonline has Allegations made that TEC Presiding Bishop knew former Benedictine monk was a pedophile when he joined TEC

Note I am not in full agreement with that title because from what I know of the facts he was not a pedophile. He did have sex with boys of teenage age which I still think is a critical distinction when talking about facets of this problem.

Regardless this seem to slowly be causing some waves. What made my jaw drop to the floor on this:

............When VOL wrote to Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori, we received the following response from her Communications Director at the Episcopal Church's national office, "We do not comment on lawsuits or allegations." All questions were referred to the diocese in Nevada.

Bishop Paul Marshall of the Diocese of Bethlehem commented about the Bede Parry affair, "Now let's be serious. When 815-level lawyers threaten and cajole diocesan bishops not to reveal multiple sex-abuse cover-ups at the highest level lest former leaders be embarrassed, what can we expect, and why do we look down on the RCC?

"As a rector I had to follow a priest who was simply passed along by another bishop, and as a bishop have had the same experience with a staff member who was protected by his bishop, with catastrophic results here.

"On paper, we are a one-strike church, but in reality, too many people have walked. 815(national church headquarters) refused comment on this story with principled-sounding obfuscation, which essentially tells it all, doesn't it? There is no more transparency at 815 than previously, as some commentators know to their pain."

In an e-mail to VOL, Marshall wrote, "The anger has subsided for the moment, and I come to the office incredibly sad. As you know, I think we are doomed as a church unless our life is vigorously centered in the Gospel and see our mission in only those terms that are consistent with it." The bishop said he and his staff are planning on writing a full-length piece (and eventually a book) on this subject. ...........

Now it's not clear to me if he is planning to write a full length piece and book on cover ups nationwide, his experience with cover ups, or a book how the Church has to be Gospel centered or a combination of all three.

Regardless this is the first time I have seen an active Bishop of the TEC say that the main office and other Bishops have had their own "Catholic Bishop" like problem and it is not isolated.


Jack Smith said...

Note that SNAP is not on her doorstep, but they have castigated Bishop Finn even though Parry was not a diocesan priest in Missouri, Parry never had a diocesan assignment and Finn was not bishop when Parry was at Conception Abbey.

James H said...

Yeah but see The TEC has married Priest, gay priest in open relations , open marriage and believes in things that Call to Action wants that is allied with SNAP.

So at least the Catholic divison of SNAP that is the core of SNAP does not give the PR it should to these matters. It makes an ally of the SNAP leadership upset

At least that is my take. They will make some noises about but it will be a show sadly. IF SNAP wanted it could have this on the Front page of the NYT today