Thursday, June 16, 2011

Should Pope Benedict Have Mass At "Nazi" Olympic Stadium in Berlin ? YES!!

Well this is different. See from Reluctant Sinner Who on earth came up with the idea of moving Pope Benedict XVI's Berlin Mass to the Nazi Olympic Stadium!?

I think this problem is overblown. In fact I don't think it is a problem at all. The Stadium is used as a major Sports venue today that has held major events. The debate over what to do with the stadium ended long ago. In fact it was the home of a now defunct NFL Europe Football team. Further as noted John Paul the II has had a Mass in the past at it. The British that were stationed in part of it had the Queens birthday there with many cheering Germans . Generations of Americans stationed there introduced American football to Germans there. Its demons have be exorcised long ago.

Now doubt there will be some idiots that will go NAZI POPE see see. Well what can you do about them. Anyone who entertains the NAZI POPE Benedict thing at this stage is someone that can't be reached anyway.

In fact I will enjoy the visuals we shall see . Pope Benedict in his last years saying Mass at the Stadium that has such a link for many to Hitler. I don't see it as a scandal but as sign of great Victory by Christ's Church over evil.


Fr. R said...

Precisely: Jesus Christ will always triumph.

The Cross will be planted into the heart of the dragon.

James H said...

I so agree. I think it makes a powerful statement