Friday, June 17, 2011

LSU Chancelor Comes Out For Louisiana Tech In LSU System

What did I say just weeks ago when the LSU Chancellor gave the Graduation address at Louisiana Tech. Something was going on. See LSU chancellor backs La. Tech addition

As a both a Louisiana Tech and LSU grad I endorse this. And no Louisiana will not become LSU-R it will keeps it'f tradition and integrity and be Louisiana Tech. A good win win for both schools. I just hope message board yahoos don't shoot this down.

This is was just not discussed last week. It appears to me that people have been consulted on all sides of the LSU and LA Tech equation. I hope it happens. As a Tech Grad I trust the President on this and the people in charge this is good thing for TECH.

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Anonymous said...

If I was a Techster I wouldn't be so excited. UNO can't wait to get out from under the purple and gold thumb.

I think a Tech/LSU partnership likely has the most potential for success because of the geographic distance between the two schools and Tech's unique strengths, but LSU (and I think you would probably admit this) has a tendency to be heavy handed when pursuing their agenda. With tough economic times on the horizon for the foreseeable future, I would be worried about LSU appropriating some of Tech's strengths in the name of economic efficiency and the flagship agenda.

One benefit for all of us is that it puts two potentially competing institutions (Tech and LSU-S) on the same side. Hopefully any partnership between LSU and Tech would ensure that Tech and LSU-S establish complementary rather than competing programs. Louisiana doesn't need another large comprehensive four-year university to dilute higher ed. funding.