Sunday, June 12, 2011

In Louisiana Close To 60 Percent of Couples Living Together Not Married

WOW that is a huge number. From the Lafayette paper see What's happening to 'I do'?

A curious article. Louisiana also has some of the highest numbers of Church attendance and now we see coupled with that is the 2 highest of people living together!! It is interesting that no members of the Clergy , Catholic or not , were interviewed.

Also a breakdown as to race and ethnic groups I think would have been helpful too.


Andy said...

Granted, I live in a middle class suburb in a non-college town, but that number seems ridiculously high. If you would have asked me to guess on the percentage, I would have guess between 5-10%.

James H said...

You know I think in my on family that was pretty much raised in a religious environment

Most of those kids lives with their boyfriends and girlfriends. I was sort of the only one thinking on it with a exception of just a couple of cousins that was traditional on it. It might be that hight