Friday, June 17, 2011

Why Southern Catholics Rock !!!

Father Christian has another Catholic blogger guest posting at his place. She has a nice post up called How Being Southern Made Me A Better Catholic .

Love that post and largely true. Of course today ,like back then during the days of the WAAAAAR, the South is a tad diverse in region and attitudes. But those general attitudes and traits seem to be have hold still to varying degrees all over.

American Catholics ,as where as the rest of the country ,in still in the midst of a great migration. That is to the South and the West. Those traits we she describes as to the South is one reason why I think we are seeing quite a bit of robustness in the Southern Catholic Church in many places. That is the culture still has an size able affect on the "immigrants" over time.

It is funny to think about how history repeats itself. At the time of the Civil War the Church was at the divide of largely being Southern in nature to switching to a more Northern based Church because of immigration. Today we see a return to a more Southern based Church with a mixture of the important West of course.. No one would have thought a couple of decades ago that Atlanta might be in line for a RED HAT sometimes in the future. If future patterns continue that might happen.


Jose said...

You said it right. As a "yankee" who lived down South for over 5 years, I noticed that the Catholic Church appeared more vibrant and embracing of traditions than other parishes around the country. I definitely noticed the difference once coming back North. Nice post and to a more dynamic Church all over the country!

James H said...

Thanks. I think since one is not expected to be quiet about mentioning your Faith it makes a huge difference

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