Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catholics Politicos and the Pope ( It's Not All About Abortion )

Amy Sullivan has a piece up at Time Magazine talking about the unexpected Biden visit to see Pope Benedict. Father Z has Amy Sullivan about V.P. Biden’s papal audience.

Now I of course think the Vice President's abortion position is a SCANDAL. However the focus on just that seems to end all sort of interesting reporting inquiry by all sides here. Perhaps the Pope just wanted to chat. The Pope very well might have wanted to talk to him about his position. But I have a feeling that was not it. The Catholic Church has several pressing concerns in the USA and outside of it that the USA is a crucial component.

Our current efforts in Libya

Our efforts in CHINA where the Chinese are basically persecuting us and interfering with appointment of Bishops

The plight of Christians in Iraq.

The persecution of Catholics in Africa

Maybe it had to deal with some crucial U.N. vote.

Then again maybe it was about abortion of perhaps same sex marriage.

But whatever it was I suspect he wanted a personal message get to Obama.

It just seems that as to the Papacy and Catholic politicos that the relationship is seemed through just one prism. Which means that reporters and others don't think to look elsewhere.

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