Monday, November 30, 2009

Mean Vatican Says Church Can't Be Used to Ordain Anglican Women

Sometimes I really wonder what is happening in the Church "down Under". It seems the news is often very good but in some Diocese very bad. In this case the cherry on top is there bad reporting of the matter.

Father Z has Australia: Holy See tells Catholic diocese not to host Anglican ordination of women

I have love the usual Vatican bashing here -"Peter Bugden wrote that the decision was evidence that the Roman Curia was concerned with power and control, and that Christianity had been usurped by Churchianity"

Lets be clear here. You can bet there were a ton of Catholics complaining but as Father Z notes they are not mentioned. "Power and Control" are in the eye of the beholder I suppose. You can bet that the Catholic powers that be that are yelling the loudest about this have indeed their own theological and political agenda they are pushing. What about Catholics that have certain rights under Canon Law to object?

Also needless to say the issue of female ordination and orders is still a contested subject in large parts of the Anglican communion. So we not only have a Catholic angle here we also have the issue of the Church seeming to endorse something that is of great debate in the Anglican communion itself.

In fact it is a issue I believe in the very Evangelical Anglican Diocese of Sydney. Throw Anglo Catholics in the mix (please note there are quite a few in Australia), the Archbishop of Canterbury's recent remarks, the new Anglican provisions and it is a power keg.

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