Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seantor Mary Landrieu Is Such A Cheap Date (Update)

I figured she would vote this way on the Health Care bill. However all she got for her vote was a stinking 100 million dollars? I mean she is a U.S. Senator. That sounds like House of Represenatives chump change to me

Heck if I was Mary Landrieu I would held out for a billion in Coastal Restoration funds. Heck add a few more billion and even Vitter might vote it.

So not only are we screwed Louisiana 's vote gets sold cheap. LOSE LOSE.


It was 300 million it appears. Still seems Cheap. I hope if Mary does this again she at least gets Coastal Restoration money.

See also 'Louisiana Purchase' Landrieu Blames ABC Report of $100 Million Buyoff on 'Very Partisan Republican Bloggers'


Subvet said...

And not even a kiss the next morning.

James H said...

It is just something else