Wednesday, November 25, 2009

President Obama's Weird Public Relations On Health Care Bill

It just gets to the point where it is beyond bizarre. What is scary is we are seeing this attitude go into other areas. THERE IS NO PLAN B FULL SPEED AHEAD AND DAMN THE TORPEDOS WE ARE ON A MISSION FROM GOD

Mickey Kaus, Dem and Comprehensive Care Supporter, has a devastating post at Obama Demands Staff Go Cocoon Themselves. Here is a part:

4) Is it a coincidence that ever since press secretary Gibbs announced a renewed emphasis on Orszag's "curve-bending" in early November support for health care reform has plunged downwards on an increasingly alarming slope? That's one curve they've bent! ... The pattern seems clear: They talk about curve-bending (in the spring) they get into trouble. They stop talking about curve-bending (in September), and health care is suddenly a fait accompli! They start again, and they're in trouble again. ... What was that about insanity being defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?.

This problem , along with the legitimate issues of how are we going to pay for this, is ignored by many of our Catholic Social Justice friends. The problem mentioned above is met with loud complaints of "Scare Tactics".

Wait till the American Public gets a full grip on the truly scary thing. That is the Independent Medicare board that will have powers similar to the military base closure committee if not more.

As Kaus says:
P.P.S.: Brownstein does unearth what seems to be a second Broder-shaking delegation of sweeping rule-making power by Reid:
[I]n a little known provision, the bill authorizes the HHS Secretary to implement nationwide, without any congressional action, any reform that department actuaries certify will reduce long-term spending [E.A.]
Wow. So we've got the independent Medicare board slashing spending, subject to a formalized Congressional meddling process, and we've got the Secretary of HHS slashing spending, subject to ... any check at all? ...What if the recommendations conflict? ... I smell a new Czar! ...

P.P.P.S.: Do we really think the "IMAB" board and a grant of equivalent power to HHS will survive in the final bill? Will Congressmen really give up their power over sensitive issues like ... mammograms ... and let bureaucrats deny popular Medicare treatments to their constituents? If they don't--and if they strip or water down the provisions-- will Obama regret having made independent, expert "curve bending" seem like such an essential part of his health bill? ... Or is the purpose of making a fuss about Brownsteinian reforms just to get the bill over the hump in the Senate.

Leading Catholic Social Justice activists seem very nonplussed about this animal for some reason. The fact that these board could one day give the most in need the shaft seems not to be on their radar. In fact they don't seem to understand it. Of course this is the same crew that was praising Obama on immigration reform and could not even understand how he used procedures in a cynical way to defeat it for short term political purposes. So they can be hoodwinked easily.

Perhaps Catholic Social Justice Activists have a huge belief and trust in "experts" and thus feel the love of Christ and compassion shall flow like honey from the this IMAB board. Color me skeptical.

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Mary Ellen said...

Catholic Social Justice reminds me very much of the naive Obots who have been entranced by this guy from day one. No Catholic should support this bill, afaik, especially since Reid made it easier for them to make ALL taxpayers foot the bill for abortions.

I have no doubt in my mind that Obama will destroy Medicare. I tried to tell my friends who supported him in the campaign that this would be one of the first things on his agenda.

Like you said, people are not going to know the implications of this bill until after it is passed and they are feeling the effects of what they did. Buyer remorse won't even come close to what they are feeling when they see how much they lost and how much they will pay in the future.

I think of this as another terrorist hit on America...and our own government is the terrorist.