Saturday, November 21, 2009

Liberal Catholics in Full CYA Mode On Abortion and Health Care Bill

Hmm that is how I would categorize this post.

After doing the mandatory Republican bashing in the comments( which is silly and incorrect) the goal posts are moved to where there answer is to outlaw the paying of all abortion in private plans. Which of course is so UNconstitutional it is not even funny and would require a reversal of Roe V Wade and touches on many other matters.

If one wishes to concede the battle field then do so honestly. At least I could respect that beside the shell game being played here that is so transparent it is not even funny

Update on a related note
Keystone Disappointment [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
As expected — frankly, since before he was elected to the Senate — Senator Robert Casey just refused to cast a vote in defense of the most vulnerable among us. As Frank Cannon
wrote earlier this week:
If he votes for cloture on the motion to proceed on the health-care bill, he will be making possible the greatest expansion of abortion since Roe v.Wade, and mandating that all citizens participate through federal funding. Senate majority leader Harry Reid needs all 60 Democratic senators to bring the legislation to the floor and make it the order of business. So Senator Casey has the fate of the bill completely in his power. If he adds his vote, that will mean that any effort to add the pro-life Stupak language from the House bill will require 60 pro-life votes, which, as Senator Casey knows, are not there. Casey’s original vote to proceed will have stacked the deck against defending life.
So much for taking that opportunity. So much for being a pro-life leader.
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Shameless Shameless. So many of these folks are ones that were praising Rep CAO and calling him in the anti Palin. They seemed to have forgotten in the midst of their Palin bashing the much need of following Cao's example as to pro life language. This is why Catholic Social Justice is at times treated as a joke.

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