Thursday, November 19, 2009

Democrats Doing Horrible in the Jacksonian Belt

A great must read here at A Jacksonian Republican sweep?

I should not that Charlie Melancon district is mentioned. That of course is not in the Jacksonians belt but in deep Cajun country. Still for many deacdes now Cajuns have mirrored many voting patterns of the "redneck" Jacksonians.

In North Louisiana where I live (which I would say is part of the Jacksonian belt) the problem can be seen in a huge way.

Not even a year ago there was a very close race to replace a Congressman Congressman.

Paul J. Carmouche, D

John Fleming, R

Carmouche ran a horrible campaign in my opinion. Plus because of the hurricane this election had to be moved to December. Still it was razor thin. If Black turnout had been higher the dems would have won.

Despite all that I have not yet heard of a serious challenger to Fleming talked about from the dems. That is striking.

Much More on the Scot Irish and who they are here. Many of my ancestorss are from this.

I see a lot of folsk when they are talking about this region and its voters try to link voter patterns to some sort of Calvinis,. I guess that might be at play a tad. But I don't think that plays a major factor. Again see about link just above.

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