Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GOP Congressman Cao is Sinister Vatican Yes Man!!

I discussed this in a more serious matter today at GOP Congressman Cao Uses Devious Jesuit Exercises In Voting

However I guess the gig is up. They are on to us. The Investigative blog
The Vatican Lobby -Dedicated to Exposing the Vatican's Influence in America and the World at Large has the expose too!!

See Congressman Admits Jesuit Training Influenced Vote . He nails Cao and us right here

"There is nothing better for this blog than when prominent Vatican sympathizers come right out and declare their allegiances. Such is the case of Congressman Anh "Joseph" Cao, representative from the 2nd Congressional district of Louisiana, in the following interview. As the only Republican to vote for the health care reform bill, Cao has made himself a veritable hero to the Catholic bishops and media. Previously unknown, he has now become the poster child for the Vatican's gradual infiltration of American government."

Oh no. We need to move up the revolution date it appears.

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