Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Grades Are In- Obama's Trip to China A Failure

Even though I suppose I am part of the loyal opposition to our President there are places I want him to succeed. At the very least I want him to maintain the prestige of the United States abroad.

It appears that from a good many sources the trip was a huge failure. See Obama and the Virtues of Kowtowing

This was a rather bizarre trip on many fronts. It also seems we have done something to upset India (bad idea) while Obama was over there. However what was strange to me was how flat it was and the big lack of well buzz. Sarah Palin and her book tour seemed to take center stage. As some people noted perhaps Obama is glad that happened.

It seems for a depressing downgrading of human right concerns in this region by the administration we have got very little in return. All the while China seems to be expanding their Naval Presence in the region. A huge cause for alarm.

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