Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who Cares What Sarah Palin Thinks About Evolution

I am not going to be buying the Palin book. I don't find these seemly "mandatory" books that people seem to have to write before they run for President very interesting. The most important things in the book will be all over the web anyway.

I noticed the Little Green Footballs has this post up. See Palin Proudly Owns Her Creationism.

Palin is no doubt having to respond the various attacks on her via her faith.

There are many moderate Republicans to even some hardcore very conservative secular folks that seem to be obsessed with people's view on this. There is a blogger I link quite a bit on here that does the same.

The most oddest thing and biggest waste of time was the amount of questions asked to people like Brownback and Huckabee on their views of evolution during the Republican primary.

Who Cares!! We are not electing the President of the School Board here.

I never get this line of attack. Plus the attacks are often way to broad. The average Evangelical, Catholic ,Protestant and for that matter the average citizen has I think varying degrees of belief in both systems. Creationism is quite frankly a loaded term nowadays. It means different things to different people.

It also is a line of attack that frankly makes me uncomfortable. I believe each week when I go to Church a man in robes makes bread and wine become flesh and blood .I also believe the Virgin Mary appeared to three kids in Portugal where sun did some weird things. Does that make me "unscientific" and disqualified for public office?

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