Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GOP Congressman Cao Uses Devious Jesuit Exercises In Voting

No matter what you think of Congressman CAO and some of his positions I find this so refreshing!!! Great interview here at

Former Jesuit, Congressman Cao Discusses Using Ignatian Discernment to Reach Health Care Vote Decision

Deal Hudson pointed something out and this I shall make his point again. To Republicans and conservatives Cao is not the type that can be bullied. He really does not care if he gets reelected. However he can be persuaded!!! However it needs to be done through the lens of Catholic Social Justice which is not only, contrary to popular myth, in its authentic form raging Democrat Liberalism.

He is a very Lindy Boggs sort of person that used to represent that district. It will be a sad state of affairs if such a man is not elected again because heis not the right color for New Orleans. Are the African American ministers in political leadership listening and observing? Maybe times have changed. I can hope

Good interview

Tip of the Hat to In All Things

Updated- See GOP Congressman Cao is Sinister Vatican Yes Man!! LOL

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